Friday, 12 May 2017

Equallogic Snapshot error

Dell Equallogic PS arrays have a new "feature" introduced from firmware version 8 onwards, this feature warns you if your snapshot space is below a 15% threshold. It looks something like this

"WARNING event from storage array EQLName
subsystem: MgmtExec
event: 8.3.65
time: Wed Jun 12 00:00:05 2016

Free space is below threshold of 15 percent for pool PoolName. Default Snapshot Schedule will run with max-keep set to 1."

Now if you are not using snapshots or do not need to be reminded every day that this situation exists then you can do the following via the CLI.

To disable the default policy run the following commands:

To verify: grpparams default-snapshot-sched show

To disable: grpparams default-snapshot-sched disable

Getting OS X to show logon boxes on log in screen

Occasionally you can be presented with an OS X logon screen which only shows a single users icon and their password box, normally the last person logged on. There then appears to be no obvious way to log in with a different account, there is a Cancel option but that just does not help. To get round this you press the Command+Option+Control+Enter keys together and you will then be presented with a standard logon box for username and password and can now login as normal.