Monday, 9 November 2009

Can't convert STATA 10 dta files using Stat Transfer? Try the Outsheet Command.

If you find you have problems converting your STATA 10 dta files into other formats using Stat Transfer 8, one method is to use Outsheet,to produce a delimited data file.

From the STATA window use File > Export > Comma or tab-separated data.

You can then use Stat Transfer to convert the file into a filetype of your choice.

Another option is to use the command Outsheet in the command window.

Outsheet using c:\statafile.txt

will output into a tab delimited ascii file on your C: drive

Outsheet using c:\statafile.xls

will output into an excel file, with the variable headings on the first row.

For more detailed instructions and options using outsheet type help outsheet in the command window of STATA - or - go to