Monday, 7 January 2008

Scientific Workplace new licence installation (for laptop and home computers)

You need to go to the Scientific Workplace Help menu

Select Register
Select “By an automated web service”
Enter your email address, name and organisation, deselect the “Add me to the mailing list” option
Click OK, ignore error message
Accept the agreement
Click on “Register Now”
Please then email Karon James, email, in IT services that you have done this so she can forward you the new licence code when she receives it.

Then do the following to install it.

Make sure SWP is not running then open your original email from Carol containing the licence, open it in Outlook, not via web-access or any other email client

Copy all the content and save it in Notepad as TXT file, close and reopen this txt file.



Start the SWP5.

Please note you can only have a licence for this software if you are a member of the academic staff.