Monday, 19 November 2007

New Email Quotas for LSE

New email quotas have been set for LSE students and staff:
WarningNo SendNo Send/
Staff and Research Students250MB270MB300MB
Taught Students100MB110MB130MB

This is an increase of over double the previous limits.

ArcGIS Documentation Library

ArcGIS Documentation includes information on customizing and extending the ArcGIS Desktop applications, building solutions with ArcGIS Engine, and creating server-based solutions using ArcGIS Server and its Web Application Developer Framework (ADF).

You may download the entire ArcGIS 9.1 Documentation Library as a single zip file (328 MB in size), from the RLAB IT ArcGIS Documentation page.

Alternatively you may find it easier to browse and search the Documentation Library online at

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Excel 2007 tables/graphs and Scientific Workplace

There is a problem getting tables and graphs from Excel 2007 into Scientific Workplace, everything looks fine in the compiled dvi but when you create a pdf you can end up with a black box instead of your table/graph. To get around this, copy your table/graph into Word first then copy it from there into Scientific Workplace.

Stata 10 and Stat Transfer

Stata 10 is now live. Please note that due to a change in the structure of the .dta files, and a licencing issue with the new version of Stata Transfer, if you wish to open these in an older version of Stata please do one of the following

1. Use the version command.
If you use this command as standard there won't be a problem of saving to an older version.

version 9.0
program text

2. or use the saveold command. Instead of using, save filename, replace, use saveold filename, replace (this saves the data as stata7, which can be read in 8, 9 and 10).