Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Outlook (2016/365) warning "The properties of the message have been changed. Want to save your changes to this message?"

This warning/notification appears generally when replying to or forwarding an email message with or without an attachment. For some, it has appeared with new messages too.

Reason: In this case, the cause relates to an 'Add-in' from Adobe and disabling this can provide a cure.

Open Outlook and select File > Options > Add-ins and select Go (see below):

The ‘COM Add-ins’ options box (see below) opens and in this, find and uncheck the ‘Adobe Document Cloud Outlook add-in’. Select OK and then close/re-open Outlook and test with an email that has an attachment in particular

NOTE: as I don’t have Acrobat installed, the add-in does not show and also, it may require other Adobe add-ins to be unchecked should the problem persist.

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