Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Excel 2007 tables/graphs and Scientific Workplace

There is a problem getting tables and graphs from Excel 2007 into Scientific Workplace, everything looks fine in the compiled dvi but when you create a pdf you can end up with a black box instead of your table/graph. To get around this, copy your table/graph into Word first then copy it from there into Scientific Workplace.


bobstuff said...

Getting this patch will resolve your issue;EN-US;948954

TV said...

I believe I have a solution for this problem. Although exporting the graph to word is a valid option, you experience some loss of quality when you compile the pdf file with SWP.

I use Scientific Workplace 5.5, Excel 2010 and Powerpoint 2010.

1. If you have a graph or figure in Excel, copy-paste it to Powerpoint (as a Microsoft Office Graphic Object, default). Maximise the graph such that it covers the entire slide. You can adjust the size of the slide via Design > Page setup.

2. Then click File > Save as and choose .pdf. Under pdf options I choose ISO 19005-1 (but I am not sure this is a must).

3. Include the .pdf image in your SWP file using the Latex \includegraphics command.

4. Compile your document, check out your graph and enjoy perfect quality no matter how much you zoom.

Hope this helps. Does it work for others as well?